The most beautiful beaches in Western Sicily

sicily Beaches

Trapani, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo

To reach Western sicily Beaches Trapani Most Beautiful Beaches, for the first time, traveling, arriving from other Italian regions or from Europe, is a unique experience that one has to do in life.

It is not just a pleasure trip, a beach holiday, but a real experience, the real immersion in a world, in a totally Mediterranean atmosphere that still today brings together the Arab culture and the Western culture in a special mix sometimes unrepeatable. We are talking in particular of that part of Western Sicily that includes the Province of Trapani to the extreme limit of Italy in front of the North African coast.

This strip of land includes 3 main cities Trapani, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, and others such as San Vito lo Capo Castellammare, Alcamo and the Egadi Islands which certainly are not less important for culture atmospheres and special emotions.Arriving by plane the nearest connections are with the Falcone Borsellino airport (40 minutes from Trapani and Marsala or the Birgi airport, located just a few minutes from the capital Trapani and the city of Marsala. Cruise or ferry from the Italian continent or from the African continent.

The most frequent connections are held by Ryan Air, Alitalia, Wind jet, Vueling and other international and intercontinental carriers with daily frequency. For the most part they are low-cost airlines that allow low-cost connections in daily life and at very low cost in low season.

Diving in this way in this Mediterranean world implies a detailed travel plan, designed for successive stages, divided by specific destinations according to personal interests and experiences and emotions that you want to experience.

Certainly the most popular destinations are those bathing but now, in recent years, the tourist-traveler chooses bathing areas for the summer holidays “family members properly”, while, more frequently, the most careful travelers prefer to have their visits to savor in a more personal way the innumerable and different experiences that can be experienced in every corner of this land that circumscribes Western Sicily.

In a land where at a distance of a few kilometers, the individual communities live with gastronomic habits and philosophies of life, sometimes very different, and where in every town the offer varies from place to place with gastronomic preciousness, where you go from the sea to the hill to the mountain in a few kilometers and where the territory is dotted with often unique archaeological finds, it is clear that the approach can only be done in small sips. Below we propose, in a way that is not necessarily complete, different places and opportunities, to allow the guest who honors us of his presence to choose and carve out specific itineraries consistent with his lifestyle.

sicily Beaches

Trapani San Juliano Beach


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The most beautiful beaches in Western Sicily

Trapani and sicily Beaches and Sea areas

• Sandy beaches•

Coastlines with a prevalence of rocky bottoms immersed in the Mediterranean scrub • The sandy beaches We report them below not so much in order of importance but in progression to the inhabited centers.1. Trapani.

 We report them below not so much in order of importance but in progression to the inhabited centers.

1. Trapani San Giuliano

It is certainly the most characteristic coast of the city of Trapani frequented by locals and passing tourists or residents It is one of the most famous and popular beaches of the Trapani coast, a historic holiday destination and loved by locals and tourists.  The beach is very long, it extends for about two kilometers and is characterized by very light colors, those of the fine white sand and clear and transparent sea. For those staying in the city of Trapani in the center or in the suburbs, San Giuliano is certainly one of the most popular seaside destinations.

Trapani Tramontana Beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Western Sicily

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How to reach it

From the city center you can reach the beaches of San Giuliano by Bus, Bici, on foot. It starts from the city center and stretches for about 4 kilometers linearly up to the slopes of the municipality of Erice.The beach, with a medium deep beach, is composed of very fine sand and immerses in the Mediterranean gradually allowing bathing without danger. The crystalline waters are distinguished by a sweet blue and especially with the deliciously transparent sirocco wind. Very recommended for families with children who in this way can be apprehensive start even the youngest children at the first joyous bathing experiences.

It is distinct from public areas totally free for users and areas equipped with bathing facilities (Bathhouse) equipped with restaurants, self-service, etc. where family groups can choose a more comfortable way to experience the beach until dusk.

Trapani S. Julian Beaches

Trapani S. Julian Beaches

As evening falls, these equipped areas can also be used for an aperitif or to enjoy a dinner on the beach accompanied by music and a comfortable sirocco breeze.Bathing periods range from late April to October, but it is not difficult to see the clubs on the beach even on some sunny spring or winter day. To the north of the town near the historic center there are also the beaches of “Tramontana” or Torre Ligny, much loved by Trapani, composed of sand mixed with very characteristic rocks, with an easy access to the sea: They can be added on foot and usable especially in the absence of the wBinds of the North quadrant.

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2.      Marausa

Marausa Trapani  sicily Beaches Between Trapani and Marsala on the side of the Riserva delle Saline, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Mediterranean, the Marausa beach is located. It is about 9 km from Trapani and accessible on foot, by bike, car and public transport and enjoys a long sandy beach.It stretches over a long and wide expanse of sand with shallow and sandy seabeds. An enchanting view that frames the ever-changing panorama of the Egadi islands

Marausa litoral and Beaches

Marausa litoral and Beaches

It is distinguished by the water is crystal clear and at a pleasant temperature, where the continuous wind that comes from the sea refreshes the most torrid days, can dispense all the bathing services for a family or for individuals and has large areas of free beach where power enjoy the sea in all intimacy.In the proximity then insist a variety of holiday homes and BB with different prices

3. Marsala The beaches of Marsala

Marsala represent another unmissable destination in Western sicily Beaches . The mild climate for most of the year allows the use of the non-stop sea. All around the city the sea is limpid and crystalline really enchanting. The sand of white and fine sand tuft is almost everywhere to stretch to the limit of the horizon without interruption; well-equipped shorelines with bathing facilities have large areas of free beach that are often real enchanted corners not to be missed for lovers of water sports, snorkeling, surfing and kite. Of course, do not miss the whole area of the lagoon of the Stagnone and Mozia that we would describe in detail soon. The most accessible to travelers are:

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A. The beach of Marsala San Teodoro

It is located in Birgi, “to the towers of San Teodoro”, it represents another corner of the immaculate western Sicily to be tasted The beach where there is a private beach, opens on the scenery of Favignana, to the towers of San Teodoro the water is blue and transparent, the white sand that reminds that of the “Caribbean”.  The very low backdrops allow total comfort for families with children and the beach is completely protected by the sirocco.

Marsala Saint Teodoro Beaches

Marsala Saint Teodoro Beaches

The movement of the tides makes the shoreline continually changing. While at certain times of the day you can literally walk into the sea with the water at the ankles at the tide change is gently caressed by the sea to the knees in an enchanted atmosphereLine 10 (Marsala – Granatello) will allow you to reach the beach of San Teodoro. From Marsala then you can easily make boat trips to the Island of Favignana, Levanzo or Marettimo. The departures are daily. It starts from the port of Marsala at 9:00 and arrives at the Egadi Islands at 10:00.

B. The beach of Marsala: Punta Tramontana

The coast of Marsala, characterized by the presence of the windmills of the salt pans, is closed to the north by the Riserva dello Stagnone, a large lagoon area. In this corner of paradise north of the lagoon of the Stagnone in a protected naturalistic area of over 20,000 square meters is located the beach of Punta Tramontana. The area facing the lagoon is divided into two basins, one south more open towards the sea and one to the north with more marked lagoon characteristics. The coast is of very fine and clear sand and it is immersed in the always warm and still calm waters of the Marsala sea. The beach that runs for a long free stretch but in the immediate vicinity there is no lack of amenities that offer numerous services for bathers. Trapani and sicily Beaches.


Marsala Stagnone Lagoon

Marsala Stagnone Lagoon


Just a little further south the beaches maintain their sandy characteristics and are often frequented by lovers of windsurfing, which attracts enthusiasts from many parts of the world.To reach it go along the Statale 115 that joins Marsala and Trapani on the coast, up to the town of Birgi, near the social winery cellar, you turn to take a paved road; at the end of it you skirt the salt pans up to the Punta.

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C. Marsala Beach: sicily Beaches

The seaboard Signorino is located on the south-western extremity of Sicily , a few kilometers from   sicily Beaches from Marsala . Traveling along the coast that joins Marsala to Mazara del Vallosi, it meets this splendid beach of fine white sand characterized by a delightful deep beach that runs along the summer inhabited area.

Marsala Beaches Litoral Signorino

Marsala Beaches Litoral Signorino

It is appreciated for its size, in fact, it extends for about 2.5 kilometers is full of free beaches and equipped with numerous beaches. Easily accessible by car from both Marsala and Mazara del Vallo Petrosino. The beaches are well equipped with many catering services The average cost of two sunbeds and a parasol is 30 euros.

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D. Marsala Beach: Lido Torrazza

Trapani Most Beautiful Beaches

Marsala Beaches Lido Torrazza


Continuing on the Marsala Mazara coast you reach Petrosino where you meet the LIDO TORRAZZA “il covo dei Saraceni”, a coast adored by nature lovers, a bit ‘wilder frequented mainly by locals but also by tourists looking for a natural experience full immersion. even if there is no lack of the presence of some tourists. sicily Beaches

4. Mazara del Vallo

Mazara del Vallo Tonnarella Beaches

Mazara del Vallo Tonnarella Beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Western Sicily

Meeting the beach Tonnarella of Mazara del Vallo it is natural to say A Beach To Do Envy of  sicily Beaches. You get there very easily overcoming the town on the coast towards Marsala in the locality Fata Morgana.The sandy composition of the coast is particularly suitable for children’s play days. With an enchanting sea the shoreline is very extensive and crystal clear waters is the favorite destination for locals but also for tourists who come to the area for summer holidays. Also loved by surfers and couples who choose to enjoy a sunset walk by the sea. As mentioned in the opening the province of Trapani in Western Sicily and the whole naturalistic and cultural environment that surrounds these lands is infinitely fascinating places and tourist opportunities, coves, shores more or less equipped with unique characteristics. Gastronomy, culture, culture.

sicily Beaches

Mazara del Vallo Tonnarella Beaches

A journey to discover these paradises is a decisive choice in your life and unforgettable. You will return home certainly relaxed but above all with memories on sicily Beaches and indelible emotions that is the true scent of a trip.


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