Diving Egadi Islands

Not all destinations are suited to shore diving. The best sites combine interesting dive sites close to shore with easy accessibility for divers. Over the years, we have learnt about the very best shore diving destinations available.

Marettimo is the wildest and most remote of the three Egadi Islands off the coast of Sicily. A fishing harbour, good diving Egadi Islands, hiking and swimming are the island’s main attractions to holiday-makers. Tourist & travel information from Italy Heaven’s guide to Sicily and the Egadi Islands.

With over 10 years experience in the Egadi Archipelago Sicily Experts Tours and a specially designed vessel to reduce the fatigue and stress of diving we will accompany you to the most attractive underwater sites of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo which, together with the Formica e Maraone islets, form the largest marine reserve in Europe, renowned by experts as a cradle of biodiversity. During your vacation, you can enjoy your first-ever dive, become fully certified.

Diving Egadi Islands

We have organized dives all over the world to explore shallowwaters, walls/cliffs, caves, shipwrecks and archeological sites in a professional and competent manner and we have always been regarded with appreciation and enthusiasm.

The decision to equip a boat designed for diving based in the harbour at Favignana was based on our desire to put into practice our philosophy of the slow drive.

If you ever needed motivation to take the plunge into scuba diving (pun intended), these incredible dive destinations are it.

What we offer:

  • Diving Isola di Favignana e Levanzo
  • Diving Isola di Marettimo
  • Wreck Dives
  • Night diving
  • Boat tour + diving+ lunch on board

sicily expert

sicily expertTravel to Marettimo

Marettimo is the most westerly of the Egadi Islands, and the furthest from Sicily. This means fewer ferries and longer, more expensive journeys than the other islands, but does preserve it from the majority of summer trippers.

Trapani in ‘mainland’ Sicily is the only port with direct ferries to Marettimo, though from other departure points (such as Marsala, Ustica and Naples) you can change ferries on Favignana or Levanzo. Marettimo is around 40 minutes by hydrofoil from Favignana, and an hour from Trapani. Ferry times can be checked in advance on the websites of Siremar and Ustica Lines (see links panel).

On the island, hydrofoils stop at a long jetty leading into the heart of the island’s one town. You can buy Siremar ferry tickets at a small office in Piazza Umberto, a couple of streets inland; the office opens up shortly before a ferry is due. Ustica Lines tickets are sold at Corso Umberto 1.

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Shops and services
Marettimo is reasonably well served for restaurants, cafes and shops, considering its small size. Those catering for holidaymakers though, are likely to close once the summer season is over. Since those who choose to stay here are embracing simple island living, however, a limited choice shouldn't be too much of a problem. There are one or two nice cafe-bars for passing the time of day, including La Scaletta, which has tables overlooking the port where you can sit and watch the ferry arrive and depart. Piazza Umberto, where you'll find the Siremar ferry ticket office, is another place to sit, at the inviting tables of the Baia del Sole bar.

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Marsala Magical Places to Visit in Your Lifetime

Marsala is located at the tip of Sicily, always breezy, it has a pleasant climate even in the summer. Revenue walk from the ancient Porta di Mare today Porta Garibaldi and enjoy the city’s history.

Piazza Loggia with La Chiesa Madre, one of the biggest of Sicily; Via XI Maggio elegant street  down town, called “Cassaro”, a place of social and marketable  life that you have to visit and where spend your time.  Garibaldi Museum and the Convento del Carmine with its remarkable Pinacoteca Comunale are other must of this  beautiful town.

Around  these magic places there are more jewl to see and visit

By  our guided tours, you can have professional tastings and delicious pairings with delicious  Sicilian dishes visiting  different and special historical cellars in Marsala .

Select different  options to get to recognize Marsala wine through professional tastings and sophisticated pairings.

Plan the perfect trip to Marsala with US.

First Magical Places to Visit are:Delicacies you can not miss:

The “pane and panelle” classic example of “street food”

Find a good deep red-hot shop closely Porta Garibaldi right on the stairs of the fish market. Will meet typical dish of the tip of western Sicily: the fish couscous.

Famous in all Mediterranean area Couscous is a very special and sophisticated tasty proposal  of Arab heritage. Is  made from grains in a potage of fish and seafood  mixing  a bit ‘ of all the assortments of the Mediterranean.

More Magical Places to Visit are:

Island of Mozia – on the Phoenician’s road.


Within walking distance from the mainland, surrounded by shallow water and easily defendable, Mozia is one of the place  of strategic status for trade routes in the Mediterranean.

When  Mozia set on fire because  the Greeks (397 BC), vanishes from history. Currently Mozia proposals a unique archaeological tour deep in the enchanting Natural Reserve of Stagnone.

Please  do not miss the museum and the picnic under the pine trees around.
TIPS: canoe also  is another  way you can reach Mozia island!


Saline Ettore and Infersa

Along Stagnone  Lagoon  coast in summer shine thousands piles of salt, spotted with windmills, they chance pink. Principal voice of the economy since 1300 A.D. today this salt when harvested by hand is a niche product.

The salt marshlands are also a special destination for migratory birds such as flamingos and more. Do not miss a visit to the “salt museum.



Museo Archeologico Baglio Anselmi (Marsala)

Museo Whitaker (Isola di Mozia)

Museo del Sale (Saline di Ettore Infersa)

Trapani Egadistar Appartamenti, Villa, Per Affitto Vacanze

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Egadistar Vacation Rental Marsala

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Egadi Islands Favignana

Egadi Islands Favignana

Egadi Islands Favignana

Favignana is the largest and most important of the Egadi Islands, three islands off the western coast of Sicily. Favignana has good, frequent ferry connections with the other islands and with Trapani; the proximity of Trapani Airport makes the island remarkably accessible from the rest of Europe. This easy access hasn’t – yet – spoiled the island, which is a fairly low-key destination most visited by Italian holiday-makers. Although there are tourist amenities, the island’s character seems little-altered, and travellers who come here are happy to fit in with the leisurely island way of life. One of the charms of the Egadi Islands is that they have never been populated with villas of the rich, nor frequented by the showy, and no out-of-character attractions have been developed for tourists, so compared with the crowded tourist islands of Capri and Ischia, and the chic atmosphere of some of the Aeolian Islands, Favignana and its Egadi siblings have a refreshing simple authenticity.


Favignana’s shape is often fancifully compared to a butterfly; it is composed of two flat stretches of land on either side of a high rocky spine, topped by a decaying fortress. Ferries arrive at Favignana town, the only substantial settlement on the island. The town is situated on the eastern side of the island, which is connected to the western side by a road-tunnel through the hill which divides the two plains.



Egadi Islands Favignana

The plentiful tuna fish found offshore were first exploited systematically under the Spanish from about the 17th century onwards. Facing severe financial problems from their ongoing wars, the Spanish sold the islands to the Marquis Pallavicino of Genoa in 1637. The Pallavicini substantially developed the economy of the island, prompting the establishment of the modern town of Favignana around the Castello San Giacomo. In 1874, the Pallavicino family sold the Aegadian Islands to Ignazio Florio, the son of a wealthy mainland industrialist, for two million liras. He invested heavily in Favignana and built a major tuna cannery on the island, bringing prosperity to many of the inhabitants. Calcarenite quarries were also opened with stone being exported to Tunisia and Libya.

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Trapani Best Destination To Travel

Trapani is a superb place for your wonderful holidays, Wheater is blessed by God.

Situated between the sea and Mount Erice, the ancient Drepanon on the west-coast of Sicily, was the site of a crushing Roman defeat by the Carthaginians, in 249 BC. Erice (Eryx).

Today Trapani is a modern medetirranean fascinating city, a perfect best destination to travel for a perfect holiday or a beach vacation rental and ideal to explore the most beautiful nearby destinations as:

The marvelous Egadi Islands The medieval atmosphere of Erice The ancient Hellenistic Segesta The wild and beautiful Zingaro nature reserve

Trapani Best Destination To Travel

Trapani Apartments run self catering accommodations, villas  or apartments to rent Ideal for 2/4 people or up to 8 people

Apartments  have been refurbished in 2013 with the addition of a new bathroom, kitchen, heating and air-conditioning.

This 4 sleeps apartment is extremely convenient: located Old Town Trapani and yet within walking distance from the beach. The apartment is situated in a very central and quiet position, in the center of the old Trapani town, close to the Trapani port and the Terminal to Egadi Island. Waterfront Located

Located on the western  tip of Sicily, Trapani has both a commercial port and an airport.

Trapani can be reached through Palermo port or international airport, which is connected to several European capitals.

Choose Your Unforgettable Dream Holiday “Feel at home, We’re delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can.

Egadistar vacation homes in Trapani for rent,

Trapani Egadistar Appartamenti, Villa, Per Affitto Vacanze

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Egadistar Vacation Rental Trapani

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