Sailing Egadi Islands Trapani

Sailing Egadi Islands Trapani

Sailing Egadi Islands Trapani

When you’re Sailing In Egadi Islands you are guaranteed a great experience.
The largest of the Egadi Islands at 14 square miles, Favignana’s coast somewhat resembles a butterfly on the wing, hence its nickname among local boaters as La Farfalla.

Sailing Egadi Islands Trapani While the name reflects the physical shape of the island, it can also be said that Favignana is as beautiful as a butterfly, which will become obvious as you experience yachting in Favignana waters.

The craggy shores are interspersed with sandy beaches where swimming and snorkeling is popular, and unlike many other islands in the Mediterranean, this one is relatively flat in comparison. Tuna fishing was and still is the mainstay of the economy, but tourism is making inroads, as evidenced by the resorts, bed and breakfasts, inns, boutiques, and the variety of excellent restaurants found on the island.

Favignana it is a very nice small village with some cafes and small restaurants around. Care must be taken of shoal water and underwater rocks on the NE side of the island extending both ways from Favignana and Lido Burrone. The best approach is from the is Favignana Harbour.

The Egadi Islands (aka Aegadian Islands) consist of a group of three small, rocky islands, Isola Favignana, Isola Levanzo and Isola Marettimo, lying some 6-10 miles off the harbour of Trapani at the extreme NW corner of Sicily. Our Partner Sicily Expert provides Egadi islands cruise on sailing catamaran. Holiday on a sailing boat, Sicily Sailing Egadi Islands, surfing Egadi, Sicily beaches, Egadi tourism, Favignana, Marettimo, Levanzo

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