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The inclination to identify Marsala’s name with the wine produced there is understandable, but wines are usually named for places, not vice versa. This city on Sicily’s western coast was founded as a Carthaginian colony in 397 BC (BCE) following the destruction of the nearby settlement on the island of Mozia (Mothia)

The Saline della Laguna are located in western Sicily, on the coast connecting Trapani to Marsala. A unique area in front of the island of Mothia, on the famous “salt route”, which offers visitors many opportunities like: the visit of the Mill of Infersa and the museum with the multimedia route;

Visiting Mozia. The island is reached by boat (more below) and there is a ticket office by the ferry jetty o

ccess to the island is only two private boat, which not only link the same Mozia to the mainland can also visit the other islands of the Lagoon. The island belongs to the Whitaker Foundation, and while it is open to the public and open during hours of operation, is in force the prohibition of unauthorized landing. In ancient …n Mozia. Admission to the island and museum costs €9 at the time of writing, while a ferry return is €5. Close to the jetty are toilets, a drinking-water tap and some shady benches which are convenient for a picnic.

It is neatly sandwiched between the main part of Sicily and Isola Grande in a lagoon, which seems to protect Mozia from the ocean at large. You may … Make no mistake this is a small island, but its ancient nature is the very reason why you should consider visiting.

Mozia (or Mothia) has the best Punic (Carthaginian) ruins on the Island of Sicily. Also, visit the relic of the Carthaginian warship in the Archeological Museum in Marsala, a few kilometres south of Trapani and Mozia.

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During the visit. it will be possible to go into a renovated windmill.

Unfortunately there are no accommodations at this location at the moment.

Windmills Trapani  Marsala

Windmills Trapani Marsala

Windmills Trapani Marsala [su_heading]Windmills Trapani  Marsala[/su_heading] Trapani and Marsala ar More info

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