Valderice Erice -Trapani Provincia

Valderice Erice -Trapani Provincia

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Erice-Trapani Charming Medieval Town Holidays Western Sicily

Amazing sunset and charming city. For the best sunset in the region, go to Erice! Amazing! The city is also very charming and beautiful medieval buildings. Highly recommend a visit!

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There are natural paintings that remain etched in your memory forever. Erice is a wonderful medieval village in Sicily, perched on a cliff 750 meters above sea level, nestled in the beauty of a breathtaking landscape: blue sky tinged with white tufts and endless sea. I have a thing with medieval villages, because they make me think about the charm of history. Erice is one of my favourite medieval villages in Sicily together with Castelmola and Taormina.

Erice-Trapani Charming Medieval Town Holidays Western Sicily

The best way to get to Erice is by the cable car in about 10 minutes. You will enjoy a stunning view: Trapani with its charming salt flats, the Egadi Islands and Erice from the above, before you set foot in this lovely medieval village.

Once you arrive at Erice enjoy a walk through cobbled streets and white churches. It is a dive into history. Erice is all around the main square Umberto I, where you can find delicious bars and pastries shops. Among the pastries shops I suggest you to go to Maria Grammatico‘s in Via Vittorio Emanuele 14. This pastry shop is famous for its tasty “Genovese”, at a cost of about €3.50. It is a mouth watering sweet: a bundle of pastry filled with cream, a sprinkling of powdered sugar and you are in the Heaven ???? In the meanwhile, enjoy lovely alleys, stairs and nice courtyards.


Via Vittorio Emanuele is also the main street of Erice full of souvenir shops. If you are searching for  a very different souvenir go to the Ceramic shop by Paola Amico Luisa in Via Guarrasi 18. Here ceramics are a reinterpretation of the typical Sicilian ceramics: bowls, plates and saucers and also little souvenirs, such as cute ceramic magnets. Another typical Erice’s souvenir, although a bit more cumbersome, is the typical diamond pattern rug.

Erice-Trapani is rich in churches! Don’t miss the Mother Church in late Gothic style with Renaissance and Arabs traits. I love the Gothic rose window and the jaw-dropping white marble roof. The church was built using material from the Castle of Venus. The bell tower is separated from the Church and it is a tourist information center. There is an entrance fee. Another beautiful church in Erice charming medieval village, is the Church of San Martino, characterized by impressive Gothic wooden statues dating back to 1300.

Castello di Pepoli Erice

Beacon of Peace in the Mediterranean Aug 01, 2014
Castello di Pepoli with its torretta was built in the 1870’s by Count Agostino Pepoli (1848-1911), a scholar, lover of beauty and patron of the arts, who built it as a quiet retreat for his meditations, as well as gathering place for men of culture, artists and writers.

Erice charming medieval village  was built over a rocky outcrop, serving as foundation for the castle, and in a style resembling the Moorish/Saracen style. In April of 2013, restoration work began, after many years of neglect and decay, to bring it back to its former glory and turn it into an interactive museum and Centre for Peace.

After more than a year of work, the Castello di Pepoli officially opened again on July 19, 2014 when I visited it again shortly after opening. When I first saw it in 1995 one could still get down in there to see the castle, though it was in bad shape even then.

By 2005 one could not even get near it, the vegetation was so overgrown and the structure looked compromised. In 2014 it was a pleasure to see it restored and gleaming in the sunshine! The walkway down was slippery with fresh gravel from the construction, but better than the formidable jungle in past years! It is one of the iconic structures of Erice, seen in many photos.

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Treccking in Erice

Treccking in Erice Erice charming medieval town

Not only culture, art and history, but also sea and mountains, caves and sport activities, amusements and gastronomy: all of these coexist in a natural symbiosis, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban centers, and make the Agro Ericino the ideal destination for a holiday in touch with nature

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Nightlife info

The night life in Erice Charming Medieval Town Holidays Western Sicily  can be funny and relaxing, romantic and adventurous. Its atmosphere is magical and it is the ideal place to have dinner in a restaurant, and then look at the wonderful panorama that Erice has.

However, there are attractions for those who want to make new friends: you can find many tourists in bars, pubs and disco clubs: the right places to drink, dance and meet people. All this in an incredible location deeply rooted in history; it is difficult to compare it to other places.


Culture and history info

The picturesque and charming town of Erice Erice Charming Medieval Town Holidays Western Sicily is one of the most attractive tourist resorts, not only in Sicily, but throughout the Mediterranean area. It is located at the height of 750 meters, from which you can admire all its medieval glory: alleys and courtyards make you feel like time has stopped.

From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view from Trapani to the Aegadian Islands where, at sunset, a fantastic set of colours appears in front of your eyes and the rays of the setting sun are reflected in the whiteness of the saltpans. Thousands of tourists crowd the streets during the whole year and, as Erice hosts the Centre for Scientific Culture “Ettore Majorana” since 1963, there are also many scholars from around the world.

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