The unique combination of natural beauty and delightful, Locazione Strategica per visitare le mete turistiche più belle della Sicilia occidentale. Le isole Egadi, Segesta, Selinunte, Erice, Riserva dello zingaro, e tutte le magnifiche vinerie storiche che arricchiscono questo territorio

  • Trapani Museum 4 Sleeps

    "Our desire is to extend a gracious and inclusive welcome to all of you."

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    Room facilities:32" LCD TV, Air conditioning, Desk, Fresh linen and towels, Full Kitchen, Ironing Facilities, Kettle / water-boiler, Kitchen, Living & Seating Area, Shower, WI-FI internet (on complimentary and paid basis)

    Inserito in un elegante palazzina al terzo piano senza ascensore, gode di una splendida localizzazione di fronte al Museo Pepoli ed alla Villa Pepoli,

    l’appartamento estremamente confortevole per una coppia o una famigliola fino a 4 persone

    “Our desire is to extend a gracious and inclusive welcome to all of you.”

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    Bed size:Large Bed + 1 double sofabed


Sicily  holidays Trapani 4P WF Parking

is a brigth and wide apartment located in Trapani, on the third floor (without elevator) with  an elegant building facing the beautiful Pepoli Museum and Villa.

This  Sicily holidays Trapani is an acommodation equipped with everything needed for a pleasent stay. Large table for four people. Kitchen, Shower. 1 Bedroom, 1 bed, Living Table, Oven and  everything you need  for a short stay.

The house has a strategic location. The quarter is full of services, coffee bars, supermarkets, restaurants, and amenities. Favored logistically by a city bus stop .
Close to all amenities, with connecting bus to the beaches , the harbor.

Sicily holidays Trapani 4 Sleeps up to 4  close to Pepoli MuseumIt is composed of:
A lovely sunny bedroom with interior  balcony and dress room;

A confortable living with fully equipped kithen with oven, balcony and pantry;

Bathroom with shower and closet.

Heating and air conditioning
Iron and ironboard
Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi)
TV with Satelite antenna
tawels, linen , tablecloths , utensils , dishes , cutlery are all included .

Private parking. Near Bus, Reastaurant Supermarket, 1km from CableWay Erice, Harbour  and Ferryboat.

Excellent location for visit  Nearby

Comodo e spazioso appartamento difronte la splendida Villa Pepoli

Inserito in un elegante palazzina al terzo piano senza ascensore, gode di una splendida localizzazione di fronte al Museo Pepoli ed alla Villa Pepoli,

l’appartamento estremamente confortevole per una coppia o una famigliola fino a 4 persone
consiste in:
1)Camera da letto Matrimoniale,
1bis) possibilità di sofa bedroom nel soggiorno
2)Soggiorno Cucina
3)Bagno doccia
4)Terrazzino interno
5) posto macchina padronale
6) WiFI
Fornito di Wifi Aria condizionata e tutto quanto necessario per una vacanza


Egadistar vacation homes in Trapani for rent,

Trapani Egadistar Appartamenti, Villa, Per Affitto Vacanze

vacation rental destin Trapani

Egadistar Vacation Rental Trapani

Affitto Case Vacanza Trapani Marsala Erice Roma




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Cancellation / Prepayment

Cleaning fee: Not added Add
Late check-in fee: Not added Add
City tax: Not added

Children and extra beds




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  • Bathroom
  • Desk
  • Fresh linen and towels
  • Full Kitchen
  • Hairdryer
  • Ironing board
  • Ironing Facilities
  • Kettle / water-boiler
  • Kitchen
  • Oven
  • Private Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Television
  • Toaster
  • Towels
  • Washing Machine
  • WI-FI internet (on complimentary and paid basis)


In the western Sicilian province of Trapani, often claimed to be the 'most Arabian province' of Sicily, there is a range of fascinating towns and archaeological zones. In the following I have listed a few suggestions for guided tours that I offer in this province.

Trapani  is full of special places and traditional occurrences, expecially in spring and Easter, when the Mysteries procession is carried out together with other events:

The Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani is one of the oldest (dated before 1612)  running "good friday" festivals in Europe. It is runned by  20 floats or stations, each built & carried by the various guilds of Trapani. The floats are accompanied by traditional music, city bands and is carried on shoulders for 24 hours.


In the enchanting landscape of Erice, an old medieval village, on Good Friday takes place "the Way of the Cross". It proposes the scenes of the Christ’s Passion and Death through statues of the XVIII century; they are carried on shoulders.


The beautiful beaches are walking distance from the city center. They extend for 100 km and are the perfect playground for kids of all ages! The temperatures are warm from March and you can't miss the chance to get into the mediterranean sea.

Trapani is also the perfect starting point for excursions and outside sports.

Kite surfing

Kite surfing is a way of life, a way to live the sea and the wind with a kite and a board! At just 15 Km from Trapani, in the Motia area, the sea is always calm, windy and you can walk into the sea for km untill the small islands. This paradise is the best European spot to practice kite-surf for the whole year.


The Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) are just off the coast of Trapani and are an excellent day trip, with crossings taking just 20 minutes (to Favignana and Levanzo).



You can reach Selinunte's acropolis and eight Greek temples (V-VI cent. BC) in 30 mints from Trapani. You can enjoy one of Sicily's most important historical sites, together with Segesta temple and theater  (15 mints) and Mozia (15 mints).


Wifi Free



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Trapani Best Destination To Travel

Trapani is a superb place for your wonderful holidays, Wheater is blessed by God.

Situated between the sea and Mount Erice, the ancient Drepanon on the west-coast of Sicily, was the site of a crushing Roman defeat by the Carthaginians, in 249 BC. Erice (Eryx).

Today Trapani is a modern medetirranean fascinating city, a perfect best destination to travel for a perfect holiday or a beach vacation rental and ideal to explore the most beautiful nearby destinations as:

The marvelous Egadi Islands The medieval atmosphere of Erice The ancient Hellenistic Segesta The wild and beautiful Zingaro nature reserve

Trapani Best Destination To Travel

Trapani Apartments run self catering accommodations, villas  or apartments to rent Ideal for 2/4 people or up to 8 people

Apartments  have been refurbished in 2013 with the addition of a new bathroom, kitchen, heating and air-conditioning.

This 4 sleeps apartment is extremely convenient: located Old Town Trapani and yet within walking distance from the beach. The apartment is situated in a very central and quiet position, in the center of the old Trapani town, close to the Trapani port and the Terminal to Egadi Island. Waterfront Located

Located on the western  tip of Sicily, Trapani has both a commercial port and an airport.

Trapani can be reached through Palermo port or international airport, which is connected to several European capitals.

Choose Your Unforgettable Dream Holiday “Feel at home, We’re delighted to offer the most hospitable welcome we can.

Egadistar vacation homes in Trapani for rent,

Trapani Egadistar Appartamenti, Villa, Per Affitto Vacanze

vacation rental destin Trapani

Egadistar Vacation Rental Trapani

Affitto Case Vacanza Trapani Marsala Erice Roma

Sports & nature

Sports & natureTrapani Best Destination To Travel The impressive stretch of coast from Trapani to Marsala follows the so-called "salt routes": roads flanked by salt-works and dazzling white salt piles in the distance. Today the salt marshes are part of a nature reserve inhabited by hundreds of herons, cranes, flamingos and storks. Once in Marsala, the town whose name is inextricably linked to Garibaldi's famous landing, the power of its heritage is hard to resist: churches, caves, shrines, statues, ancient vases, and the remains of ancient ships and necropolises, all of which testify to a legendary land and a glorious past, a pearl in the heart of the Mediterranean, known throughout the world for its sweet Marsala wine. Sicily Kite School The oldest kite school near Lo Stagnone lagoon. The best place for kiting in Sicily, between Trapani and Erice, in few minutes from Marsala and Trapani airport -Birgi, in front of Mozia and Egadi islands.

Nightlife info

Trapani nightlife Trapani has several good bars and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife that is spread all over town. In the center there are several bars with dj’s and people like to stay and drink at the streets. The young generation is fond of cocktails. The best places to be in the center are at Via Garibaldi, via Torrearsa and Corso Vittorio Emanuelle. There are also some late night clubs such as Bar 8.5. In general the bars in the center stay open up to three o clock at night.
All About What to see in Trapani
The city of salt and wind mills, Trapani is located in the northwestern part of Sicily, and for several reasons is expanding in its tourism, thanks to among other things, to its numerous international connections due to the nearby airport of Birgi.  

Culture and history info

Culture and history infoMost famous in recent times for having hosted the 8th and 9th Acts of the Louis Vuitton Cup, part of the Americas Cup, Trapani boasts a long history which, according to myth and legend, all began when something fell off the back of a lorry! That, of course is not quite true, but it does appear that a giant scythe fell off the back of Demeter’s chariot as she roamed around Sicily in search of Persephone. The scythe formed a tongue of land on which “Drepanon” (scythe in ancient Greek) was built. While it would be lovely to believe such stories, the rather more mundane reality is that Trapani was founded by the Elymians, who used it as an agricultural centre for their hill-top fortress town of Eryx (modern-day Erice). When the Phoenicians took over, Trapani was turned into an important port. During the First Punic War the very same Phoenicians scored a famous victory over the Romans there in a famous naval battle. The port and the coast were soon to become even more important as tuna fishing and salt production became the principle activities of Trapani and its surrounding areas. Tuna fishing plants soon sprung up all over the area and many of these evocative, generally crumbling structures can still be seen in San Giuliano, San Cusumano, Isola di Formica, Favignana, Bonagia, San Vito Lo Capo and Scopello. The mattanza (culling) of tuna still takes place off the Egadi Islands and has become something of a tourist event for those brave enough to witness a literally wine-dark sea. The excellent quality of the salt produced in the salt pans was internationally renowned and was exported, amongst other places, to Norway where it was used to cure cod. Today, Trapani’s old town centre, much of which has recently been restored, is well worth a visit and is an essential point of departure for the magnificent Egadi Islands, just a few miles off its coast. Nearby is the perfect beach of San Vito Lo Capo, the wine town of Marsala with its impressively restored old town centre and the Temple and Amphitheatre at Segesta. With its newly opened international airport and direct to Dublin, Paris, London Luton, Brussels, Frankfurt and Barcelona (amongst others), Trapani is now well and truly on the tourist map!

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