Trapani a sailing paradise

Trapani a sailing paradise

Trapani is a sailing Paradis true. You don’t have to be a sailor to appreciate how ideal the coastal waters of  Trapani are for getting the maximum fun and enjoyment out of a sailing holiday here. Nor do you have to be a historian to truly sense the rich history. Since then the waters of the Westerm Mediterranean have carried the people and craft of the Arabians, the Spanish, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians.

All these races and cultures have sailed through as traders, fought each other in conquest, and settled as nations on the coast and in the islands close to Trapani. A holiday on Trapani and Egadi Islands is truly sailing in the wake of all these seafaring cultures whose traditions have all left their their physical marks and a tangeable feeling to the water and rock here.

Water and Rock. The mountains of the world along with the oceans and seas all have a character and beauty dependant on their location and climate. But the geography of south western Turkey has created an indented coastline where deep gulfs, bays and coves mix together majestic mountains with clear blue water in an unbelievable way. From the deck of Trapaniit is possible to look down at fish swimming in the clear water, and look up at eagles soaring over the mountain tops.

Safe swimming. The sea temperature is comfortably warm for swimming from April untill December, and the wide steps and swim ladder of Trapani make access in and out of the sea safe and easy for people of all ages and ability. After a quick rinse with fresh water from Trapani ‘s deck shower, you are ready to be luxuriously dried by the warm rays of the sun. The summer climate here is so comfortable that a bit of star gazing can easily be mixed with a night time swim. The only limit to your enjoyment and relaxation is your imagination.

Safe Sailing. Trapani is a sailing catamaran that is designed as a true sailing yacht, and she is easily capable of circumnavigating the world using only her sails as propulsion. So during your holiday you will get a genuine taste of how a vessel is navigated under the power of the elements. This could be your chance to learn how to steer a yacht, or to improve your skills if you have previous sailing experience. Catamarans provide large areas of stable and safe sunbathing and sitting areas even when making a passage under sail. Their lack of heeling (leaning over under sail) makes them safe for the young and old and relaxing for all.

The weather ? The best word to describe the weather here would definitely be “sunny!”. We are blessed here with many long months of blue sky days with warm evenings and nights – perfect for a journey on the sea. The regular wind pattern for the summer months is calm mornings (perfect for breakfast,swimming, lounging etc.) followed by the arrival of the”Sciroc” wind around lunch time that gives great opportunity to make a sailing passage during the afternoon. Then generaly the Wind dies away as evening approaches leaving Trapani peaceful conditions in her anchorage. The climate here really does make for a sailor’s paradise !



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