Sightseeing by bicycles is one of the most enjoyable and easy ways to see Marsala and the surroundings. If you want to get around the city quickly then why not go by an electric-bike!

Discover the town’s most popular sights in a relaxing tour and see the places that tourist buses do not visit.

What better way to start an holiday in Marsala than to pedal through its timeless streets?
This tour will take to the  biggest lagoon in Sicily with its wide variety of environments of great naturalistic beauty, wildlife and landscape.
So, we will ride on the “Salt road” where antique Saline, pools of seawater used to extract sea salt, are surrounded by the charming lagoon of the Stagnone Nature Reserve with its  Phoenician island of Mothia. Here, stand and nest pink flamingos and black-winged stilts, but it is not unusual to see African crowned cranes, wild ducks and grey herons.
On the mainland, along the big canal and the groves of reeds, it is possible to find the “white mountains” of salt collected in the salt-works, covered by terracotta tiles and vast seawater pools of different depths, where impressive XVI siec. windmills stand out. Here, spectacular colours paint sky and sea, giving to the landscape a magical atmosphere where time seems to stand still.
The saline are one of the oldest and of the most productive activities of this area to which nature has given a very pleasant climate to gather the salt from its waters, to make it dry with solar heat and at last to dry it in the wind. Once we will be arrived in one of the two historical pier to reach Mozia we will take a boat. The island of Mothia keeps numerous archaeological findings of that age when its position in the Mediterranean made it an important Phoenician trade port so that it damaged Dionysius of Syracuse who destroyed it in 397 B.C.. On the island we will visit its  its fascinating archaeological and its museum that among others a beautiful statue the so called “Giovinetto of Mothia” dates the fifth century BC which is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in recent years.We will visit this tiny island  its archaeological museum on foot. At the end of the visit we will relax and have a snack break at one of island, tasting some fine typical food and wine in one of the most attractive setting of whole Sicily.

Among others you’ll discover:

• Stagnone Lagoon and salt pans;
• Mothia Phoenician  Island, Whitaker  Museum;
• We will also stop for a snack break giving you the chance to taste fine regional food and wines (price included).
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Your ticket includes:

  • Our elegant city e-bikes
  • Fully guided tour
  • Tickets for boat trip to reach Mothia
  • Ticket for the entrance in the island of Mothia
  • Snack break with fine regional food and wines
  • Certified helmets on demand (obligatory for children)
  • Waterproof jackets, in case of rain

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Trapani Best Bestination

Trapani is a superb place for your wonderful holidays, Wheater is blessed by God.

Situated between the sea and Mount Erice, the ancient Drepanon on the west-coast of Sicily, was the site of a crushing Roman defeat by the Carthaginians, in 249 BC. Erice (Eryx).

Today Trapani is a modern medetirranean fascinating city, a perfect base for a perfect holiday or a beach vacation rental and ideal to explore the most beautiful nearby destinations as:

The marvelous Egadi Islands The medieval atmosphere of Erice The ancient Hellenistic Segesta The wild and beautiful Zingaro nature reserve

Trapani Apartments run self catering accommodations, villas  or apartments to rent Ideal for 2/4 people or up to 8 people

Apartments  have been refurbished in 2013 with the addition of a new bathroom, kitchen, heating and air-conditioning.

This 4 sleeps apartment is extremely convenient: located Old Town Trapani and yet within walking distance from the beach.

the apartment is situated in a very central and quiet position, in the center of the old Trapani town, close to the Trapani port and the Terminal to Egadi Island. Waterfront Located

Set on the western most tip of Sicily, Trapani has both a commercial port and an airport.

Trapani can be reached also through both Palermo port and international airport, which is connected to several European capitals.

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