Trapani Sight Seeing

Trapani is a special place to spend your Spring holidays in Western Sicily

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Trapani  has a delicious climate, friendly people, great food and superb wine, beautiful beaches,
 enchanting landscapes and a heady mix of cultural attractions. There really is something
 for everyone – superb Trapani  has it all!
The rolling countryside and vineyards of Western Sicily are very pristine and beautiful, 
as well as the sandy beaches and cerulean seas.


The Procession of the Mysteries of Trapani [Misteri di Trapani] is one of the oldest running good friday
 [venerdì santo] festivals in Europe, dating back to before 1612. with 20 floats or stations, each 
built & carried by the various guilds of Trapani. The accompanying music & the way the band & men carrying
 the floats swayed when marching was most striking & at times haunting

In the enchanting landscape of Erice, an old medieval village, on Good Friday the Way of the Cross takes place. 
Even if the procession is smaller than that of Trapani, it proposes the scenes of the Christ’s Passion and Death 
through statues of the XVIII century; they are carried on shoulders. The procession finishes the very evening.

The beach is no doubt the ultimate spring  playground for kids of all ages, and with 100 kilometers 
(of beautiful coastline in Trapani, you just can’t miss. In spring , the Mediterranean has an average 
temperature of about 22 degrees C so it’s like getting into a warm bath. Trapani is also a  excellent 
A good home base in western Sicily

Kite surfing
It’s a way of life, a way to live the sea and the wind with a kite and a board! A 15 Km from Trapani
 in Stagnone Mozia, Whether the sea is calm, choppy, or big wave, with a light breeze or high seas, 
there are spots to practice with a trainer kite. Spending at least 4-10 hours on a trainer kite prior 
to a lesson will allow you to advance at a much faster pace than coming in with no kite flying experience.

Egadi Islands
The Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo) are just off the coast of Trapani and are an excellent day trip,
 with crossings taking just 20 minutes (to Favignana and Levanzo).

Selinunte's acropolis and eight Greek temples dating from the sixth and fifth centuries BC comprise one
 of Sicily's important historical sites, and even older are the remains of the Punic city of Mozia, 
founded in the eighth century BC. At ancient Segesta are a temple and theater.
it's possible to day trip from Trapani to Selinunte - Take the train to Castelvetrano and Autoservizi Salemi 
to Selinunte.
Finally the tourist attractions around Trapani are among Sicily's most varied, from ancient Punic settlements 
and Greek temples to a breathtaking gorge and a whole city of modern art.